Ikki fyrr enn ein sær, hvussu barnabørnini taka seg upp, fær ein at vita, um ein hevur uppalt síni børn væl
- Erich Maria Remarque
Lesarin skrivar

Images say more than a thousand words. This statement is used by Sea Shepherd in their efforts trying to prove that whaling in the Faroe Islands is a sport and that the killing of whales is brutal and inhumane.

However, the fact is that there are strict rules for how the catch is organized: There is the law of catching whales, there is the animal welfare law, and there are strict rules for how the process should take place, from the very moment a school of pilot whales is observed until the disposal of what is left and can not be eaten.

We have the following requirements for the catch: 1. The whales we take are not an endangered species, 2. The killing is humane, 3. The catch goes for human consumption, and 4. That it is legal. All of these criteria are met with regard to the 208 animals, which can also be seen from large parts of what a Sea Shepherd representative, Kirsty Morgan, livestreamed from the catch. There were also other representatives from the SS present according to Paul Watson himself.

At the time of the capture, 210 whitesided dolphins were killed. Recordings from the catch focus on two of them suffering unnecessarily, and they are NOT killed in accordance with neither the animal welfare law, the law of catching whales nor other regulations. Of the rest, 208 animals, each individual was killed in a few seconds, which the same SS shooting supports.

It is very important for us to find the person(s) who, for several minutes, maltreated one animal, pretending to try to kill it. Not until an experienced whaler comes to the scene, pushes the unidentified person aside, the animals are successfully killed, as can be seen from the shootings.

It has been impossible to identify the person(s) we are trying to find and get hold of. SS tries make a scapegoat of another person for the suffering of the animals, but he is NOT the same person, who maltreats the whales in front of the camera. Therefore, it is beyond any doubt that this inhumane treatment of animals is staged by the SS to expose the Faroese people as barbarians where it is solely a sport to kill these animals. This is a welknown method used by the SS in other cases around the world. 

"Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, not by the intellect," the English philosopher Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) said almost 150 years ago. It still works. An authorized whale bay is an open abattoir where everyone has the opportunity to watch the killing. The stage is accessible to anyone, the fight for life and death is dramatic, the images are strong and impress everyone, including the whalers themselves. It can bring the feelings to boil on those who get incorrect information about what's going on. Just tell a lie often enough, and people will start believing you.

The SS has the answer to who the person is, “trying” to kill the animals. They can identify the person(s) we are trying to find in order to prosecute them for violating the Faroese animal welfare law and the law of catching whales.

So, yes, images can lie more than a thousand words!

Hans. J. Hermansen 
Board member 
Faroese Whalers Association

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