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Størsti amerikanski dokumentarfestivalurin DOC NYC hevur í gjár heiðrað Mike Day við fyrstu virðisløn, The Grand Jury Prize, fyri føroyska grindafilmin “The Islands and the Whales”.

Ein fegin Mike Day sigur í dag á Facebook: “We are extremely happy and honoured to announce that The Islands and the Whales won the Grand Jury Prize at DOC NYC - America's Largest Documentary Festival - and will now have a week's cinema release in the IFC in New York ... an inspiring festival that I visited 6 years ago before setting off to make this film, a huge honour and a very happy occasion to return and receive the Grand Jury Prize”.

Dómsnevndin á DOC NYC sigur soleiðis á heimasíðuni:

Grand Jury Prize Winner: The Islands and the Whales, directed by Mike Day, looks at the inhabitants of a remote archipelago who may be forced to abandon their ancient ways after clamor from international animal rights activists.

Jurors’ statement: “The nine films of the Viewfinders competition presented the jury with a rewarding range of artistic and political perspectives, but one film stood out for its potent balance of artistry and message. For its intimate portrait of a global issue, the Viewfinders Competition Winner is The Islands and the Whales, directed by Mike Day.”http://www.docnyc.net/news/and-the-award-goes-to/




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