Har nevin er rættur er størsti nevin hægstirættur
- V. Poulsen


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Mynd: KVF

Mynd: KVF

Mynd: KVF

Jenis av Rana, formaður í Miðflokkinum, hevur sent amerikanska sendiharranum í Danmark, Alan Leventhal, eina umbøn, sum er ætlað amerikanska forsetanum, Joe Biden, skrivar KVF.

Dear Mr. Leventhal

First, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a good and rewarding meeting during Your visit to the Faroe Islands last month!The reason for this letter is that I, on behalf of Miðflokkurin, would like to ask you to convey a greeting and a request to President, Joe Biden. The request to the President is if he will please reverse the decision He has made to send so called cluster bombs to Ukraine.What the innocent civilian population of Ukraine and Russia have gone through in the past 16 months is a disgrace to the world community and cannot be condemned strongly enough. But sending these all-destructive "weapons" now will mean that the atrocities will intensify, and that today's war crimes will reverberate far into the future, to also destroy the lives and livelihoods of our descendants.Rather than helping to escalate the war in this way, we would like to ask your nation to once again step forward in a new attempt at mediation, so that this indescribably evil war must come to an end.We pray that our Heavenly God and Father will be allowed to be the number one counselor to the President of the United States on this and other difficult issues.

Most respectfullyJenis av Rana,chairman of Miðflokkurin


Um tú veitst okkurt, sum VP ikki veit - skriva so til vp@vp.fo