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- He’s one to watch, sigur ummælarin Jordan M. Smith eftir at hava sæð nýggja grindafilmin The Islands And The Whales, sum Mike Day hevur gjørt í Føroyum seinastu fimm árini.

Úr ummælinum: - Rather than centering on the conflict, much of the film sensorially celebrates the cultural heritage of the Faroese. Not only are the traditions of hunting and public celebration captured in stunningly composed, crisply rendered HD video, but the crew painstakingly recorded the audio with a rarely utilized Soundfield microphone that can digitally remap the source sound in full 3D, essentially allowing for near complete replication of the sonic environment depicted on screen. For those seeing the film in a theater equipped with Dolby Atmos, the experience is transformative in its expressive precision in portraying natural sounds.

While The Islands and The Whales may be a visually stunning, aurally impressive technical marvel, it is Day’s sensitivity to his amenable subjects and balanced approach that make the film a commendable success. It’s not without reason that the Day took home the Emerging International Filmmaker Award following its World Premiere at Hot Docs. He’s one to watch.

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