Politikkur í dag er ein kapping um, hvør kann vísa mest sosiala umsorgan - fyri skattapengarnar hjá øðrum
- George F. Will


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Lesarin skrivar

My name is Samuel Rostøl, and I'm a norwegian who has travelled to the Faroe Islands to observe and document the Grind as a volunteer for Sea Shepherd. I'd also like to add that I'm here wanting dialogue, not fights. I think the best way to create change is through proper conversations rather than attacks.

A while back my drone was shot at Hvannasund, and I've now returned for another visit to the Faroe Islands. Yesterday I was at the Hvannasund grindadrap, and while I arrived too late to document the killing, I went to the beach to livestream video from the catch.

While livestreaming me a local participant of the hunter recognized me by watching the livestream, and he came over to me and started shoving me around. I asked him to calm down, and said that I wasn't doing anything illegal. I also turned my camera towards him to film him. The next moment he said he would kill me if I filmed him. He repeated the threat while drawing his fingers across his throat.

You can view the livestream here: https://www.facebook.com/OpBloodyFjords/videos/892152751645574/

The first attack starts at 4min 30s, but the threat is seen at 4:56 and repeated at 5:06. "I will kill you" he clearly states. 

Later I was also physically attacked by an older man who seemed to be drunk.

The ordeal will naturally be reported to the police.

With my best regards,
Samuel Rostøl

Um tú veitst okkurt, sum VP ikki veit - skriva so til vp@vp.fo