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Matthew Workman skrivar, fotograferar og ger ljóðupptøkur í Portland, Oregon, har hann hevur verið í mótmælisgongum eftir at George Floyd doyði í løgregluhondum á gøtuni í Minneapolis, Minnesota.

- When writing for an audience outside the United States, it’s hard to know where to start in telling the story of these protests. Do you start with George Floyd or should we go all the way back to 1619, the year African slaves were introduced to the English colony of Virginia? That’s more than we can accomplish in a blog post, and I’m not the best source of information regarding the black experience in America…In the world I live in, all of this is unremarkable, it’s just how things are in America. But the news of the past few years, and especially the last few months, suggest my viewpoint is wrong. Black people in America have been sounding the alarm for years, decades really, about harsh police tactics used against them. And now that we’re more than 10 years into the smartphone era, there is ample video evidence of the truth of those claims. Evidence that cannot be denied, not even by a middle-aged white suburbanite.

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