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BirkBlogg: 38 ára gamla Charlene White er bretsk sjónvarpsstjørna, sum er í starvi hjá stóra privata Independent Television News (ITN) har hon er vertur í ITV News í London. Eg møtti henni á Bett Show í London í farnu viku.

- We all have a responsibility to make sure young people understand the difference between what’s real and what’s fake online. It’s important we give them the tools to navigate the fake news arena, so they can form their own balanced opinions of world affairs, once they have all the facts. Which makes what we do as journalists evermore crucial, sigur Charlene White á Bett Show í London, har hon hevur sett falstíðindi og keldukritikk á skrá fyri skúlafólki og undirvísarum, eisini úr Føroyum.

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