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Sometimes you meet a person who lights up your world, and Bill lit up mine. 

I met him in a Fuglafjordur fish factory where I knew no one and didn’t speak Faroese or Danish.  He took me into his family.  He got me a job on a trawler and we fished together for prawns in Greenland. 

I can picture him at the helm, welding in a shower of sparks, mending nets with frozen fingers, smiling, always smiling, cracking jokes no matter if it was 36 hours without sleep or in the middle of storms. 

I had never met anyone so versatile, so all-round competent, so self-assured and yet someone always with an eye out for those who were struggling or needing help. 

It was this mix of strength, compassion and kindness - all wrapped in a balm of fun and humour - that distinguished the remarkable Bill Knudsen.

When I got married he was my Best Man (in every sense) and he and Myrna made a special day in Scotland even more special. 

My wife , Sheena, and I treasured these friendships that deepened. 

And what amazed us both as the years passed was how Bill reinvented himself (as did Myrna) again and again, changing jobs from fisherman to skipper to truck driver to crane operator, changing house or country as easily as others change shirts. 

Little seemed to worry him or dent his optimism.  He laughed, he lived, he helped others. 

Bill, my friend, I didn’t see you often but you played a bigger role in my life than you probably realised. 

It was my blessing that our paths crossed, it was a privilege to know you and you enriched my life in ways beyond measure.

I believe you will forever sail calm waters and smile in contentment.  

Alastair Scott, Scotland

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