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Føroyski heimildarfilmurin ”Skál”, ið lýsir Daniu O. Tausen, sum flytir av Toftum til Havnar, møtir Trygva Danielsen, fer at lesa á Setrinum og gevur út yrkingasavnið “Skál”, hevur vunnið gyltu Hugo virðislønina í Chicago.

Leikstjórar eru Maria Tórgarð og Cecilia Debel.

Í skránni stendur: Exquisitely filmed in the immersive landscape of a remote island in the North Sea, Skál explores the inner and outer landscapes of a young couple’s emerging lives within the newly expanding world of adulthood. This intimate, lyrical portrait comes in a richly poetic form that speaks to the insider/outsider dynamic that storytellers so often embody in order to gain new perspectives. The early experiences of exploring one’s sense of place and belonging is set against the yearnings and fears that come from choosing a creative life within a conservative community, offering a shorthand on how to be brave and open to a wider world.

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